Before You Break, An Unlocked Mind, Book Three, and a thank you…

Before You Break, An Unlocked Mind, Book Three, and a thank you…

And lo it was decided that Collars & Cuffs should have an ending… Tears were shed, laughs were had, love was made. And then the lights were turned out and everyone went home.

Or did they?

When we talked about the final books in the series–Dom of Ages and Endings and Beginnings–K.C. and I knew there was something else there. A chance to start a new club in a new location with a new cast of characters. Eli and Jarod seemed perfect to fill the roles. From those conversations, the kernel of an idea had been planted.

What if, we thought, they were offered a chance to open a club of their own? It wasn’t as if they didn’t have a support network in place, after all. And it sure wasn’t like Jarod didn’t have money. Plus there were people out there who needed a place to call their own.

K.C. came up with the name Secrets. Why? Because everyone has them. In Before You Break, Ellis’s secret was the lie he’d been forced to live. Especially when the truth was so damned close to him almost every day. Book two, An Unlocked Mind, features Alex’s brother, Rob. This harkens back to the very first story, An Unlocked Heart. To where Leo had to open Alex’s heart, Vic has to open Rob’s mind and show him that he has a life to live. (Please note: No image here should be construed with a person’s sexuality. They are only used as examples of how we see the characters.)

Rob Daniels

Vic Prentiss


Along the way, we had guest stars and cameos. Of course, seeing as how they have such a strong friendship with people in Manchester, some of them would show up. In book one a few Doms and subs attend the opening. We also find out the names of Scott & Ben’s babies. Plus, Elizabeth North of Dreamspinner Press and LM Somerton, author of The Edge series were gracious enough to allow two non-DSP characters to show up in the book. Joe, as well as his sub Oliver (one of my favorite characters ever) operate out of London and it seemed the perfect opportunity for them to meet. Though it’s a short bit, it was so much fun to have them there. (Plus I had always wanted to write Olly, and LM, bless her, said I could.)

We have other plans for Secrets, including a first for me. K.C. and I are going to write a ménage for book three (see what we did there?) How did this come about? Well, it’s kind of a freaky story. See, one night I had a dream (something that seems to happen and then become story ideas) about two Doms who need a third. The boy the find is homeless. I became so caught up in this idea that I had to tell K.C. about it. And now for the weird part…

She’d had the SAME story idea and was going to tell me about it. We talked over Skype and built on the plot, which will eventually become the next book in Secrets. I had an idea of what the Doms and sub would look like. Aaron? He had his own ideas… I’m going to let Aaron handle the introductions.


This is Tim. He looks much better than he did when I found him lying on the curb, coughing so hard it wracked his frail body. I wanted to take care of him so badly. Sam told me to bring him home and have our doctor friend check him out. I doubt I will ever regret that decision.


This is Sam. He’s…well, what can I say? He’s a big boy. Furry and funny, with a protective streak a mile long. He’s wary about having Tim in our house, because Sam knows me better than anyone else. He’s afraid I’m not going to have any perspective when it comes to Tim, and that in the end Sam and I will end up being the ones who are hurt.



This is me. I’ve been described as a total bear, though I don’t see it. (Fine, I’m kidding.) I met Sam when we were in school, but didn’t find out that we were both Doms until we met at a club one night. He and I shared some scenes until we met Sebastian. The three of us fell in love, and had a permanent contract. Then one night we came home to find Seb sitting at the table, crying. When we asked what was wrong, he told us he wanted to break the bonds the three of us had built. Sam and I were devastated as we watched him walk out the door. Each of us thought we’d never find that connection again. Turns out we may have been wrong.

Before You Break is out and has done amazingly well, which comes down to you, the people who took these men into your hearts. Book two–An Unlocked Mind–is with Dreamspinner now. Book three is an idea who will come to fruition starting in November of this year.

After that we have several other ideas we’re looking at, but we’re hopeful that you will all find these men a welcome addition to your family.

by Parker Williams

Parker writes m/m fiction where happily ever afters will require work to reach. He loves broken characters, hurt and healing, pain and comfort.

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