Works in Progress



Current works in progress:

Haven’s War: This is the sequel to Haven’s Creed. Haven faces an opponent he’s not sure he can beat, when it appears as though the man knows more than he should. And he’s after revenge for something–or someone–he’s lost. This story also introduces Oscar, a friend of Haven’s who is insisting on his own story. (Damn men.)

The as of  yet untitled third book in the Shifting Needs series.

Mikhail has dreamed about leaving the enclave to explore the fantastical world he knows exists outside its boundaries. After dealing with his death and rebirth, he’s ready to move on to bigger and better things. But when he wakes up on the morning of his birthday, all his plans are thrown for a loop as the wolf who has been his guardian for the last several years sits on the floor, not in the black fur and gold eyes he’s used to seeing, but as a man–large and amazing looking.

When the Alpha asks him to postpone leaving and to help the wolf, which Mikhail named Rand, assimilate, he agrees, but as the two become closer, Mikhail finds his plans to see the outside world suddenly don’t seem as exciting as they once did.


And K.C. Wells and I have nearly finished ‘Before You Break’, book one of the Secrets series.

And, coming soon, K.C. Wells and I will be starting a new series called ‘Secrets’. Eli & Jarod from Dom of Ages, buy a BDSM club in London. We’ll have a new cast of characters, new storylines–including a menage–and more hurt and comfort for everyone.