Joey and the Monster: A Family Matter’s short

Joey and the Monster: A Family Matter’s short

The door to Joey’s bedroom creaked open. He lay there, eyes shut tight, fearful that the sounds in the night were a monster, and that it was coming to get him. His breathing quickened as a shadow fell over the bed, and the warm breaths of the thing were on his cheek. He clutched the sheets, doing his best not to scream, but when something hot slid over his face, he couldn’t help it. He let loose with a mighty cry.

New Release! Hate To Love You by Carrie Davis

New Release! Hate To Love You by Carrie Davis

New Release!
Hate To Love You, Epic Love Series, Book One, debut Gay Romance book for Carrie Davis is now available!
He loves him, he loves him not…
Oh who is he kidding, he can’t live without him.
Dexter McKenna is the man Matthew Sullivan both loves and hates. He’s outgoing and athletic, the kind of guy Matthew’s father always wanted him to be. And, he’s the last person Matthew wants to see at his sister’s wedding. While undeniably attracted to Dexter, Matthew still resents him for his father’s constant comparisons.
When Matthew finds out Dexter is equally interested in him, it forces him to overcome his painful past so he can move forward with his future.
About The Author
Carrie Davis crafts contemporary gay male romance with plenty of angst, but her men always get their happily ever after.
She lives in Florida, where it’s needlessly hot and the mosquitoes are the size of hummingbirds. 
She requires caffeine to be a reasonably functional adult. Yes, reasonably functional is as good as it gets. 
Carrie might have a small addiction to buying books, so if she’s not writing, she’s reading, and when she’s not reading, she is happily spoiling her nephews, Zachary and Isaiah, and her dog, Remington.
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Joey and The Dress: A ‘Family Matters’ short

Joey Clarke stood in his walk-in closet and stared at the package he’d smuggled into the house. God, he longed to—

The door opened, and his twin sister, Jenna, stepped into the room, holding the phone she seemed to have glued to her hand.

“Seriously? You don’t knock? What if I was naked or something?”

“I’ve seen your ass before, Joey.”

He cringed. “Would you stop calling me that? We’re not five anymore. Joseph is better, even Joe if you have to.”

That made her laugh. “Since when are you too old for Joey? It’s your name.”

He closed the closet door and took a chair at the desk. “Maybe it’s time I grow up. I’m sixteen now.”

Jenna put the phone into her pocket, then stepped up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder. “Okay, what’s wrong?”