All Family Matters: A Family Matters short

All Family Matters: A Family Matters short

This short features the now sixteen-year-old son of Travis and Denise who we last see when he was  a newborn at the end of Family Matters. Now, he’s nearly grown up and dealing with problems no kid should ever have to be hurt by.


“Kyle, you don’t have to do this.”

Hi! I’m the aforementioned Kyle, last name Cook. If it sounds at all familiar, it’s because you might know my parents. Travis and Denise Cook, best friends of Patrick and Seth Clarke, who are the fathers of my uncle and aunt, Joey and Jenna. Well, not by blood, you see, it doesn’t matter how you look at it, we’re all still family.

“And what happens if I don’t?” I grumbled. “What are you going to do?”

A Holy Hell Christmas with Alcy, Beez, and Carter

A Holy Hell Christmas with Alcy, Beez, and Carter

I am SO very sorry for the delay in posting this! Life got really hectic for the last month, and it slipped my mind. This short is a ‘Holy Hell Christmas’, based on the book ‘Holy Hell’ by me and KC Wells.


PLEASE NOTE! Adric, the man who did our wonderful cover, also did some not safe for work images which are included in this post. If you’re not in a safe location, don’t read any further.


“Where are we going?” Carter asked for what felt like the fiftieth time.

“Don’t ask me,” Alcy replied. “Beez came storming in, told me to get a jacket on, because it was cold, and then went to get you.”

“Yeah, he said the same thing to me.” He huffed. “Beez—”

“No, I’m not saying, so don’t ask. Sit back, shut up, and be patient.” He snorted. “Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to. The twins of  ‘can we cum now?'”

Alcy snorted. “It’s not our fault you’re such a tease.”

Shadows in the Light – Oscar & Max

Shadows in the Light – Oscar & Max

In Haven’s Creed with meet Haven and Sammy, plus their core group. In Haven’s War, one of those members loses his life, and Haven wants to find the killer and show him what justice truly means. In that book, we meet Oscar, who used to work for the same outfit Haven does, but left when he did something that was frowned upon. Seems killing bad guys is okay, but killing good guys? Not so much.


PLEASE NOTE: This story was serialized a few years ago on my blog. The only changes have been a few corrections.


Chapter One

Twelve Years Ago

They say that the mirror never lies. Well, if what mine was saying turned out to be true, it was a fucking douchebag. For the first time in eighteen weeks, I dared to step in front of the damn thing and really give myself the once over. Probably shouldn’t have, because believe me, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Across my body were jagged pink lines where the shrapnel ripped through me. They were fading, unlike the jumble of memories in my head. I remember the white-hot pain as the pieces seared through my flesh. Looking at me today, you wouldn’t have guessed at one time I had been referred to as a pretty boy. Of course, this was before puberty. Dark hair with even darker eyes framed a face with soft, delicate skin that had never seen a zit in its life. I could walk in a room and heads—guys and girls—would turn in my direction. All that changed as I matured—well, physically at any rate. My body grew thicker, the layer of baby fat increased to more than love handles. My neck, which had never really been something to speak of, disappeared between my head and oversized body. It seemed overnight I went from being a twink to becoming the elephant man.

Family Matters: Changes

Family Matters: Changes

Joey sat at his desk, a pen dangling between his fingers. He was trying to focus on the book in front of him, but his mind was scattered.

“Hey, Jen?” he called to his twin sister.

She looked up from the book she was reading. “Hm?”

“Do you….” He sighed. He knew Jen wasn’t as emotional as he was. It was stupid of him to keep thinking about this, even two years later.

“Yeah, I do,” she said, her voice dripping with sadness. “All the time.”

He could hear the tears in her voice, and they mirrored his own feelings. “How’d you know what I was thinking?”