What happened at the sub’s table on the opening night of Secrets? Glad you asked!

What happened at the sub’s table on the opening night of Secrets? Glad you asked!

As was previously discussed, Olly and Joe from ‘The Edge’ by LM Somerton stopped in at Secrets on opening night. The scene took place from Eli’s POV, but people were asking what happened at the table with the boys. K.C., LM, and I wanted to take a moment to let you know.

Scott glanced up at the devastatingly cute young man who approached their table, a wide grin making him even more adorable than one could see from a distance. The mop of curls atop his head made him appear so innocent and charming. Scott knew better, though. He could see the gleam of mischief in the guy’s eyes.

“Hi, I’m Olly.” He pointed behind him. “That guy talking to the owner is…well, my owner. His name is Joe. Is this seat taken?”

“No, not at all.” Scott stood. “Help yourself.” He waved a hand toward each of his friends. “That’s Alex, Peter, and JJ. We’re friends of Jarod from Manchester.”

“It’s very nice to meet you.” When Olly sat, Peter, Alex, and JJ all leaned forward. It was as if there was some kind of signal that something was going to happen, and none of them wanted to miss it.

Olly’s gaze wandered around the room. “I love the club. It’s beautiful. Makes me wish Aiden could have been here.”

Peter cocked his head. “Aiden?”

“He’s my best friend. My keeper of secrets, so to speak. He’s got enough blackmail material on me to last until we’re both dead, buried, and reincarnated.” Olly grinned. “It’s okay, though. I have the same.”

Everyone laughed. The server approached the table and Olly opened his mouth to say something, then peeked out of the corner of his eye.

“Is Joe looking this way?”

Alex chuckled. “He hasn’t taken his eyes off you since you sat down.”

“Great!” He turned his attention back to the server. “May I have an orange Fanta, please?”

The server beamed a smile. “Of course, coming right up.” He bounced away, his cheeks stark against the dark woods of the club. When he came back and put the glass down, Olly grinned.

“What’s he doing now?”

Scott thought they were getting into the middle of something, but Olly’s irrepressible attitude had him taking notes for use against Ben at some point. “His nostrils are flaring.”

Picking up his glass of Fanta and taking a drink, Olly paused dramatically before he put the glass back down. “I’m not allowed to have sugar, unless Joe okays it. Or caffeine. Or…well, fun.”

The words were said with such an affectionate attitude, but Scott frowned. “He doesn’t let you have fun?”

“Let’s just say that fun for me tends to lead to headaches for Joe and Heath. Ever since Mark Vickery kidnaped me, Joe’s protective streak has grown ever wider.”

Peter sputtered and his breathing hitched. “K-kidnaped?”

Olly waved a hand. “He used to be my Dom, but turns out he was a total arsehole. Joe and Heath saved me, though. Of course, they had to do it again a few months ago when he stalked me and tried to kill Joe.”

Everyone’s jaws dropped. Olly said it with such a blasé attitude, Scott couldn’t be sure if he was joking or not. When he saw the shine in his eyes, he realized how traumatic it must have been, and his heart went out to Olly.

“I love Joe. He does his best to keep me out of trouble, but it seems that it always finds me, no matter where I go.”

Peter leaned forward, his elbows on the table. “My former Dom was an arsehole, too.” His voice became so soft, Scott had to strain to hear him. “He killed himself in prison.”

“I wish Vickery had done the same thing.” Olly’s vehemence seemed so out of place in someone so charming. “Nothing we can do but move on, though. And Joe makes sure he’s by my side to do that.”

“Then why are you teasing him by drinking the Fanta?”

Olly gave JJ a smile. “Because it never hurts to remind him of his responsibilities to me. I fully expect at some point I’ll be in a sling or something while he takes his time torturing me. Oh, he’ll say it’s out of love—and it is—but he has this constant need to remind me who I belong to. And I have the same need to be reminded.”

The server passed by the table and Olly waved a hand. “Could I get another?”

“Of course. One minute.”

“You’re trying to get him upset, aren’t you?”

Olly fluttered his eyelashes. “Me? Of course not. Why would I do something like that?”

Everyone laughed. Olly reached into his pocket and pulled out a phone.

“In a few minutes, Joe is going to stalk over here and drag me out of the place. Anyone fancy exchanging numbers?”

Each of them brought out their own phones and passed them over to Olly, who quickly put his number in. The server returned and put another drink down. Joe’s eyes went wide, and he said something to Eli, then stormed in Olly’s direction.

Scott wasn’t surprised at how well Olly knew Joe. He was a little shocked at the expression Joe wore. Annoyance was evident, but so was love. “He’s on his way.”

“Guess it’s time for us to go.” He slipped his phone back into his pocket. “We should get together sometime.”

“Do you think Joe will let you out of his sight?”

“Of course. Maybe.” Olly frowned. “He’s probably had Aiden microchip me by now, so he’s always aware of where I am.”


Olly waved a hand. “Never mind. Long story, which I obviously don’t have time for.”

Joe stopped at the table and glared at Olly. “Oliver?” His voice was dark as a thundercloud.

Olly turned and smiled at Joe. “Hello, Sir. Did you have a nice talk with the owner?”

There was no way Joe believed the innocent expression Olly had plastered on his face.

“Do you think I wouldn’t notice you having not one, but two Fanta?”

Olly’s lower lip jutted out just a tad. “But it’s a special occasion. I thought it would be okay.”

Scott couldn’t believe how Olly kept a straight face. Holy shit, he was good.

“You know it wasn’t, brat.” Joe reached down and wrapped his fingers around Olly’s bicep, then pulled him to his feet. “I told Eli that I would have you in chastity before we got home.” He reached into his pocket and jiggled something. “Good thing I came prepared.”

Joe looked at each of the guys at the table.

“Thank you for allowing Olly to sit with you. Please accept my apologies if he was any trouble.”

“He was delightful.” Scott had never heard Peter so strident. It gave him a thrill at how far he’d come since they met.

“Don’t let him fool you. He’s a brat.” Joe’s eyes softened. “Let’s go home, boy.”

He began to pull Olly away from the table, and Scott noticed the grin on Olly’s face. Before they reached the door, he turned his head back toward them and shouted, “Call me!” as Joe led him out of Secrets.

“Well, he was…”

JJ laughed. “He certainly was.”

“You don’t think Joe will hurt him, do you?”

Scott reached out and put his hand atop Peter’s. “I can pretty much guarantee that was Olly’s intention in the first place. He kind of reminds me of Alex in how much he likely enjoys getting spanked.” The crowds continued to pour into the club. “We’re holding a table, and I’m sure it would get more use from the guys who are coming in. What do you say we go back upstairs? Maybe Maggie is around. She’s always good for some fun.”

JJ’s mouth twisted as though he’d sucked a lemon. “Knitting is fun?”

“You haven’t met Maggie, have you?”

JJ shook his head.

“Trust me when I say if she’s knitting, it’s probably something penis shaped. She’s… a handful.”

“Really?” JJ grinned. “Then what are we waiting for? Who doesn’t love a knitted cock?”

Just as they were about to go back up to Jarod’s place, their phones buzzed. Each took it from their pockets and peered at the screen.

JJ grinned. “Olly?”


Scott read the message and laughed.

It was nice to meet you all. I really hope we have the chance to get together again. Oops, Joe’s watching me. I’d better go.

Olly believed in pushing buttons. Maybe after the babies were born, Scott would have to talk to him. Get a few private lessons to keep Ben on his feet.

And who knew? Maybe one day they’d all get together for an adventure of their own.


If you haven’t yet met Olly, Joe, Aiden, Heath, and all the other amazing characters from the Edge, I have to ask…WHY? 🙂

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