Trusting Thomas by KC Wells

TrustingThomasTrusting Thomas is coming to Dreamspinner Press on October 7th, 2013. You can click the picture to pre-order the book!

Many mornings about 2:00 am I sat on the couch in Wisconsin talking with Kc who was at her computer in England. We discussed the nuances, the characters, the plot, the feels.

Kc has a system of doing things. She plots out the entire timeline of the story, and adjusts it as necessary. We worked so many hours on Trusting Thomas, bouncing ideas off each other, talking about bits and bobs, fleshing out each person, their reactions, and their lives.

In the end, Kc put it all together. She continued the world that she started in An Unlocked Heart and I got to watch it unfold. I really wanted to review this story, but figured I was biased so I had to let one of my fellow reviewers have it.

This story was incredible to watch unfold and in introduces a character who becomes the focal point of the story that Kc and I wrote together, Someone to Keep Me, which is coming in January from Dreamspinner Press.

I do reviews and would have LOVED to review this book, but seeing as how I’m intimately aware with the subject does give me an unfair advantage, so it was decided that someone else should do the review for Mrs. Condit’s site. That doesn’t mean I can’t do one on my own. It does begin with a disclaimer so I can avoid any impropriety.



My Review For Trusting Thomas by K.C. Wells

Before I get to the review of this wonderful story, I do want to preface this with an admission. I was involved in the planning of the story. Many hours I spent with KC talking about different scenarios, scenes, people, and situations.  That said, I am just amazed by this second installment of the Collars and Cuffs world.


The thing about K.C. Wells is that she writes people beautifully. If you’re expecting this story to be a hardcore BDSM tale, please look elsewhere. This is a love story with BDSM elements woven in, something that Ms. Wells excels at. She touches your heart by portraying people who need each other to feel complete. This is where she’s an expert. Her people are real and caring. Doms come in many varieties, as do submissives. At Collars and Cuffs, all are treated with respect. This is important to remember as we turn our attention to this book.


At the end of book one, Thomas is in a hurry to get out of the club that he runs with his partner Leo Hart. In this book we find out why. There is a man, Curtis Rogers, who plays a pivotal role in this story and the repercussions are felt throughout several other books. He claims to be a Dom and has a submissive named Peter. The young man has suffered horribly under the tutelage of Curtis Rogers and when someone at the club finds out, he makes it a goal to try to help the beleaguered Peter. To do this, he has to enlist the aid of Thomas.


A daring rescue of the terrified young submissive brings him to Thomas’s house where he will be safe. Peter, however, has no idea what’s happening to him. A call by Thomas to Leo and Alex brings some much needed support, but also shows the depths that Peter has sunk to.


Slowly and with the help of Dr. Laura Herne, Thomas attempts to pull Peter out of his shell. To show him the joy in submission and to prove to him he’s worthy of love. The problem?  Peter’s issues run very deeply and Thomas is in a fight to save the young man so that he can be placed with another Dom. Unfortunately Thomas’s heart doesn’t agree with his brain and it wants to claim Peter as his own.


Darkness is still out there, however. And soon Peter must step up to decide for himself the life he wants. Will he be able to find the inner strength to save not only himself, but his friends as well? Or will his past abuses leave him incapable when they are all depending on him?


He has a long way to go, but ever so slowly he begins to realize that the first step on his journey will be Trusting Thomas.


by Parker Williams

Parker writes m/m fiction where happily ever afters will require work to reach. He loves broken characters, hurt and healing, pain and comfort.

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