by Parker Williams

Parker writes m/m fiction where happily ever afters will require work to reach. He loves broken characters, hurt and healing, pain and comfort.

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500 Miles

500 Miles

Mark has been in love with Jase since he was fourteen. When Jase and Eric, Mark’s brother, join the military and are shipped off to the Middle East, Jase leaves Mark a promise to come home. When Mark gets a letter from Jase saying he’s met someone and will be getting married, Mark’s world crumbles around him.

When Eric gives Mark devastating news, will Mark be help the man who broke his heart? Or will he let Jase push him away again?

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About the Book

 Since he was fourteen, Mark knew he loved Jase, his brother Eric’s best friend. As Jase and Eric leave for the Army, Jase leaves Mark something to hold onto, but when the two men are shipped to Kuwait, things change when Jase tells Mark he’s met someone.

Confused and hurt, Mark is left to wonder what happened. Eric returns, but with devastating news – and needing Mark’s help. Can Mark help the man who broke his heart? Or will he let Jase push him away – for the second time?

Genre: Gay Romance
Publisher: MLR Press
Publication Year: June 7th 2013
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