by Parker Williams

Parker writes m/m fiction where happily ever afters will require work to reach. He loves broken characters, hurt and healing, pain and comfort.

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Mr Average

Mr Average

Money doesn’t buy class. Lucas has always looked down on people who didn’t have his wealth. He thought average men were beneath him. This includes his mechanic, Kyle. When Lucas makes an offer to Kyle, he expects to have Kyle in his bed by the end of the day. What he learns is something far different.

He goes to drown his sorrows, and meets the one person who might actually be too much for him to handle.

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About the Book

Lucas Manetti has had sex with some very hot men, so why is it he can’t get one average man out of his mind?

Lucas doesn’t want attachments. He thinks life is much easier that way. Watching the way his mom suffered when his father was dying taught him that. But deep down, Lucas likes the idea of someone taking care of him, of coming home to the same person every night. Yeah, what Lucas really wants is love. So why is he settling for random quick sex in seedy bathrooms? Kyle has been taking care of Lucas’s car forever. So for Lucas, it’s a logical step to think of Kyle taking care of him. And he has so much that he can offer Kyle—whether Kyle wants it or not. So imagine Lucas’s surprise when Kyle isn’t particularly enamoured of Lucas’s ‘proposition’. Lucas thought his money would buy him anything. And then he realizes… boy, did he get it wrong. He’s so busy reeling from the shock that he almost misses what—or who—has been waiting for him all this time.

Series: Average Joe
Genre: Gay Romance
Publisher: MLR Press
Publication Year: September 1, 2013
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