Certainly Possible You By Lissa Reed


Sarita Sengupta is in her last semester of grad school and has  Finally realized she doesn’t have a career plan, a
girlfriend, or a clear outlook on life. She works as a pastry shop’s head decorator, but is otherwise drifting without
direction until a friend’s birthday party ends with her waking up in surprise next to Maritza Quiñones, a pretty ballroom
dancer whose cheerful charm and laser focus sets Sarita on a path to making all of the choices she’s been avoiding.


“I met someone.”

Devesh makes a happy little humming noise. “Reeti, that’s great.”

“Yeah. It is. She is. I mean, so far. I met her last night.” Not for the first time, Sarita wishes she’d had a land line put in. She could use the coiled phone cord to fiddle with right now. “We had dinner tonight.”

“That’s really fantastic.” Devesh is smiling, she knows, and she hears him put a hand over the phone to tell Sunil. “Sunil says that’s great, too. Tell me about her?”

“Um,” She plucks at her laptop charging cable, winding it around and between her fingers. “Well, her name is Maritza. She’s hot, and she’s funny, and she’s a ballroom dancer who seems to actually know what she wants to do with her life, and now I’ve got a complex.”

“Reeti,” Devesh sighs, and he tsks. “Come on, don’t think like that. You’re great. You don’t need to have a complex.”

“Eight years of college and I don’t know what I want to do with my life. You come on.” Shaking the coiled cable off of her fingers, she picks it back up and starts twisting it again. “She’s known what she wants since she was nine. When I was nine I wanted a Tamagotchi, which I couldn’t even manage to keep alive for more than a week at a time.”

“Okay, the only person we knew who was successful with their Tamagotchi was that Brian Michaelson kid from down the street,” Devesh says. “The rest of us all sucked at it. I wouldn’t go around using it as a yardstick to measure your life’s ambition by.” His voice softens. “Don’t worry about it, Reeti. You’re doing fine. You want to study philosophy, so you’re doing it. Figure everything else out later. And Jesus, don’t judge yourself by someone else you just met.”

Sarita leans on her hand, running her fingers into her hair. “It’s been a long day.”

“I guess so.” The sounds of Devesh settling in against a pile of pillows rustle down the line. “So. Funny, hot, and a ballroom dancer, huh? She sounds like a keeper.”

Sarita leans back in her chair, and suddenly she’s smiling again, her paper and her existential crisis forgotten. “Early days, but… you know, I definitely want to see her again. And again…”

The butterflies take flight.


Character Bio:

What is your character’s name? Does the character have a nickname?

My main characters are Sarita Sengupta and Maritza Quiñones. Sarita’s family calls her Reeti – or did, pretty much only her brother Devesh calls her that now. Maritza is called Mari by close friends and family.

What is your character’s hair color? Eye color?

They’re both brunettes – although Sarita has very long, thick, and curly dark hair, almost black. Maritza’s hair is more wavy than curly, and she does a blonde ombre. They both have brown eyes.

Where was your character born? Where has he lived since then? Where does he call home?

Sarita was born in India – in Kolkata. She wasn’t meant to be born there, but her mother traveled too close to her time due to a death in the family. But apart from that, Sarita has lived in Seattle her entire life.

Maritza is from Brooklyn, and lived there for most of her life. When she was nineteen, she and her mother and brother moved to Seattle.

When has your character been in love? Had a broken heart?

Sarita has not. Maritza has – she dated her dance partner, and he really did a number on her. There is a lot on that in the book!

 Fun & In-Depth Questions

What is in your character’s refrigerator right now? On her bedroom floor? On her nightstand? In her garbage can?

Oh boy! Sarita’s refrigerator probably has leftovers from her mom, a quart of milk, more leftovers from the Chinese restaurant she likes, a couple of bags of salad, and a package of chicken breasts. And a few mystery containers of indeterminate origin or content. On her bedroom floor is nothing, she is mostly tidy. Her nightstand has a book or two and a box with safe sex supplies. Her garbage can will always have at least one takeout container at any given time, tea bags, and, if she cleans out the fridge, whatever was in the mystery containers.

Maritza’s refrigerator will have leftovers of whatever food her mom made the night before, a jug of sesame horchata if someone in the house made some, fresh greens, chicken, and beef. There is always a pot of soup or stew in case her brother Javier brings unexpected guests over. Her bedroom floor is littered with dance shoes and sometimes, until she vacuums, stray sequins and fringe. Her nightstand has a lamp with a frilly lampshade, a sewing kit for costume repairs, and ibuprofen and Tiger Balm for particularly achy days. Her bedroom garbage can has cat hair from brushing her cat, empty ibuprofen bottles, and stray snips of thread after she stitches sequins and seams on her costumes.

Your character is doing intense spring cleaning. What is easy for her to throw out? What is difficult for her to part with? Why?

Sarita will throw out old papers and exams, the empty shampoo and conditioner bottles she keeps forgetting to take out of the bathroom, and leftover pastries from the bakery she forgot to eat. She will never, not once ever, throw away a book, or her ancient stuffed bunny, Mr. Poffles.

Maritza will throw out really worn out dance shoes, t-shirt surgery experiments gone too wrong to save, broken beads and sequins and frayed fringe. You will never be able to make her throw out her first entire outfit from a dance competition. Never.

Does your character have pets? What kind? What are their names? If they don’t, what kind of pet would they like?

Sarita does not have pets. She would like one, but her landlord doesn’t allow them at all. Her brother Devesh does breed and raise Yorkie puppies with his husband Sunil. She sort of regards their dog Bella as kind of hers. One day she might move to a place where she can have pets, and then she’ll cajole Devesh and Sunil into giving her a puppy.

I like to think that Bella – who is spoiled rotten – looks like this, complete with bow:


Bella is the dam of Fitz, the book that Craig Oliver adopted in my first book, Definitely, Maybe, Yours. Fitz looks a lot like this to me:


Maritza has a little black cat named Coco. She’s probably about eight years old or so, a very spoiled and lazy but affectionate little lady with big green eyes. My friend Angela and my friend Jessica, they each have these itty bitty black cats, they are named Bonny and Friday, and I essentially based Coco off of these little house panthers. But she was named after my mom’s cat Coco!

Coco would look a bit like this, but without the white tuft:


Lissa Reed is a writer of  Fiction, blogs, and bawdy Renaissance song parodies. She traces her early interest in writing
back to elementary school, when a teacher gifted her with her  First composition book and told her to  ll it with words.
After experimenting with print journalism, Reed shifted her writing focus to romance and literary  Fiction and never looked
back. She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Certainly, Possibly, You is the second book in Reed’s Sucre Coeur series.

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Category  Fiction, Romance, LGBT, F/F
BISAC  FIC027230 FICTION / Romance / Multicultural &
Interracial  FIC027210 FICTION / Romance / LGBT / Lesbian

(Trade) FIC027020 FICTION / Romance / Contemporary
SBN (eBook) 978-1-945053-05-4
ISBN 978-1-945053-06-1
Publication Date October 6, 2016
Trim  6×9 Trade
Pages  290
Price  $17.99 print/$6.99 multi-format eBook
Publisher Interlude Press
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Certainly, Possibly, You By Lissa Reed

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