Henry and the Dragon: Chapter Four

Henry and the Dragon: Chapter Four

When Henry opened his eyes, the sun was high in the sky. The day had warmed, though it still had a chill to it coming from the sea to the north. Kai still lay behind him, his arm around Henry’s stomach, and his fingers slipped into Henry’s tunic, where they rested on the skin there. Henry feared he would go up in flames at Kai’s touch.



“Your hand….”

“Shall I take my hand away?” Kai whispered in his ear as he stroked his fingers over Henry’s stomach.

Henry drew in a deep breath. Every fiber within him screamed to say yes, to preserve his mortal soul, but what good is a soul if he had to forego being happy?


“Good. I had no desire to move it either.” He kissed Henry’s neck. “Are you feeling better?”

Henry took a breath, and only a slight twinge in his side reminded him of the pain. “Yes, much.”

“Your salve is amazing. You are amazing, Henry Cabot. Would that I had the words to express how wonderful you are. Though, if I’m honest, I don’t know that they have even made words that would shine as you do.”

For all the years he’d been Neron’s apprentice, Henry had rarely—if ever—received praise. From Kai’s words, a golden glow started forming in Henry’s heart. A spot that would forever be reserved for Kai.

“I would have you take me,” Henry whispered.

“Would that I could, but you are still injured, and I would never hurt you if I am able to avoid it.”

“Oh.” Henry was disappointed, but he understood. “One day, then.”

Kai pulled Henry down onto his back, then fumbled with Henry’s breeches.

“What are you doing?”

Kai looked up, light dancing in his honey gold eyes. Then he leaned forward, and engulfed Henry’s member in his mouth. Henry cried out as he gripped the cloak upon which he lay. He’d never known a pleasure such as this. If this was a sin, Henry was a slave to it. Kai bobbed his head up and down, sliding Henry’s length further into his mouth. At the same time, he reached up with a hand and fondled Henry’s plums, which elicited a delighted squeak from Henry.

All too soon, a tightness in his groin told Henry something was about to happen, but he was uncertain what that could be. He felt as though he might need to use the chamberpot.

“Kai, no. Stop. Please.”

But Kai didn’t heed Henry’s words, and with a cry to the heavens, Henry bucked, pressing his member deeper into Kai’s mouth, as his body shook, and his prong convulsed. Kai didn’t seem to mind, as he swallowed everything Henry produced. When Henry slumped down, unable to move, only then did Kai rise above him, a brilliant smile on his face.

“I take it you enjoyed that.”

“No one ever…. I don’t even understand….”

Kai’s eyes narrowed. “Have you never had an orgasm?”


A gasp from Kai. “Oh, Henry. I am so sorry. I should have explained this to you.”

“But I…in your mouth…and….”

Kai dragged Henry to him. “What you did was called an orgasm. Your testicles…your berries…produce a fluid that can get a woman pregnant.”

“Will you become pregnant?” Henry asked, befuddled.

Kai smiled warmly. “No, dearest Henry. That particular joy is for women only. All it did for me was taste delightful.”

“May I…. Would I be able to return the favor?”

Kai gripped Henry’s hand. “Another time, perhaps. You are injured, and I have no wish to compound that problem. What I will do, however, is show you how to achieve an orgasm on your own. It’s quite fun.” He lay back and slid his breeches over his hips. Henry marveled at the smoothness of Kai’s legs, allowing him to see the bulging muscles.

He let his gaze travel over the skin on display, and felt a stirring in his groin as he got his first glimpse of Kai’s engorged rod. It was not quite as long as Henry’s, but it was blunt and thick. Henry wished to touch it. He reached out with a shaky hand.

“May I?” he pleaded. “I would touch you, as you did me. I want… I want to feel you.”

“I would like that,” Kai replied.

Such warmth filled Henry’s hand as he encircled the turgid flesh between his fingers and thumb. The skin was smooth, and pulsed with blood. He licked his lips, wondering at the taste of it. Kai had seemed to enjoy it.

“Henry? Would you help me?”

A quick nod. Henry would do whatever Kai asked of him.

“I would have you slide your hand from top to bottom, up and down. Keep your grip firm, but not so tight as to cause pain.”

It seemed a simple thing, but Henry was so nervous, he kept losing his hold. Especially when a fluid weeped from the tip, and coated Henry’s fingers. It was clear, and warm and….

“Is this an orgasm?”

“No, not yet,” Kai said, his voice taking on a dreamy quality. “That precedes it. If you keep going, it will happen soon.”

Henry stroked up and down, and once he figured out the rhythm, he found it to be quite enjoyable. Especially the way Kai’s eyes drifted shut, and his hips canted as he pressed into Henry’s hand.

“Oh, Henry. You could tempt the gods,” Kai gasped. “I… I…. Ungh!”

He pushed up once, twice more, and then a fluid burst from his rod, thick and warm. It dribbled down Henry’s hand, and pooled on Kai’s stomach. Kai gasped for breath, his eyes squeezed shut. As he was not looking, Henry decided to be daring. He swept a finger through the remnants on Kai’s skin and brought it to his mouth. It had a sweet, but also a bit salty flavor. It wasn’t exactly a burst on his tongue, but more an earthy flavor that filled Henry’s mouth, and made him eager for more.

Kai lay there, his chest heaving. He looked beautiful in repose, and Henry felt blessed to be here with him. When Kai tugged Henry down beside him, it was an easy choice to make. He pressed close to Henry, the fluids on him warming Henry’s skin. This was, by far, the most intimate thing Henry had ever done. Ever dared of doing. Kai moved slowly, languidly, as he covered Henry’s body with his own, placing kisses on Henry’s cheeks, lips, eyes, throat.

“You are magnificent, Henry. Never have I felt like this before.”

“Nor I,” Henry assured him.

“There are still so many things I wouldst do with you. For now, however, the sun is beginning its trek toward the horizon, and we should—“


Kai’s eyes widened. “Are you well?”

Was he? His aches had all but disappeared, except now one was forming in his heart.

“I have no wish to leave you.”

Kai brushed a hand through Henry’s hair, weaving the strands through his fingers. “Nor I, but you yourself said you needed to return, and though I am loathe to let it be so, I also have no desire to see damage done to you if you’re late.” He pressed his lips to Henry, who opened his mouth to Kai. It seemed to startle Kai for a moment, but then he touched his tongue to Henry’s. When he drew away, Henry chased Kai’s mouth. “As I said, you are a temptation that I find near impossible to resist. Only your safety is more important.”

Though he claimed it so, Kai moved slowly, seemingly unwilling to stop touching Henry. When he got to Henry’s stomach, he must have realized that his spend was there, and he bent down and laved the area with his tongue, clearing away the remnants.

“I taste good on you, my dear. Wouldst I had time to savor the flavors of your skin.”

Henry groaned. “And you say I’m a temptation.”

One last sweep of his tongue, and Kai stood, then reached down to help Henry up.

“Remain here. I shall go fetch your ghost moss. I shan’t be gone but a short time. If you wish to clean your body, there is a stream over the hill to the west.”

Kai grabbed the basket, and plunged into the forest. Henry stood, dazed by the speed Kai possessed. Henry himself was exhausted. He’d had an…what did Kai call it? Orgasm? Strange word, but if Kai said it was so, then Henry would believe him. Still, it seemed as though it took a small part of his energy with it.

Not that he minded. He’d been with a man. No, he’d been with Kai.




“That was a very stupid thing to do,” Kai muttered as he went deeper into the woods. He would have to go home soon, and that would leave Henry here, unprotected. Would Henry want to have sex with others? What dangers would that put him in? “How could you do that to him?” he chastised himself.

He grabbed handfuls of the black moss with the thin white veins running through it and angrily stuffed it into the basket. Damn Neron for making Henry do this. These woods were dangerous, and Kai had seen bandits enter them, probably hoping to hide out. That was generally followed by a bloodcurdling scream that ripped through the air, and then was cut off with a gurgle. That was often followed by the crunch of bone and loud tearing of flesh. Kai shuddered at the thought Henry could fall prey to one of the creatures that dwelled within.

He quickened his pace, not wanting Henry to be alone for any length of time. He should be safe, as long as he didn’t enter the woods, but sometimes animals were attracted by the scent of a person, and now that his scent was mingled with Henry’s, Kai had little doubt that would draw the creatures out in search of their combined spoor.

Henry… Kai sighed. How different things were now that he’d met the man. It was Kai’s intent to finish his assignment, then leave and return home with his bounty. Now? Going home no longer seemed as appealing. How could it be that a man he’d only known a day, was more appealing than seeing his family again?

How could it be that Henry’s scent, his taste, his reactions all screamed that this man was meant to be Kai’s home. Something precious he would protect to his death. Kai wished he could speak to his parents. Perhaps they could help him understand this need to envelop Henry and become a shield to keep all others at bay. Especially Neron. Why would anyone need or want to hurt Henry? He was a shining example of what everyone should strive to become.

No. Henry wasn’t meant to be s servant to one such as Neron. Or to anyone. To cage him was akin to keeping a beautiful bird locked away, where none would ever lay eyes on its plumage. He was meant to be free, to fly as high as his imagination could take him. Already he’d learned the uses of plants others had dismissed, and that was without any resources. How much could Henry accomplish if he was simply given the chance by someone who believed in him?

And Kai wanted to be that person! He wished to be the one who’d praise Henry for his discoveries. Who’d be the one to remind Henry to eat when he was so deep in thought that he missed dinner. Who would take him to bed, and wrap around him and hold him so tight they’d become one person. He wished to be buried inside Henry’s body. To have his seed bind them together.

Even if he knew it wasn’t to be.

Kai cursed himself for thoughts of things that could never be. As special as Henry was, the trip home would be long and treacherous. Henry would not survive it, of that Kai was certain. The things that dwelled within the woods were nothing compared to the horrors that Kai had witnessed on his trip here. Creatures of the ocean so large they could swallow a ship whole. Beasts of the sky that could carry a man off, and tear his flesh from bone to feed their spawn. The horrors were numerous, and Henry was special, but he was soft, quiet. Travel such as the journey Kai would undertake was not meant for one such as he.

When he cleared the woods, Kai had a flash of panic. He did not see Henry, and that worried him. He moved quickly, rushing for the stream. When he got there, his jaw dropped. Henry stood in the rush of water, with no clothes on. Kai’s tongue grew thick in his mouth as he watched Henry sluice water over his bruised form, then stand with his arms stretched skyward. In the bright light of day, Henry was even more beautiful, with pale skin that was in need of the sun’s kiss and hair that urged Kai to touch it.

When Henry turned in his direction, Kai found himself unable to move. So entranced was he by the display Henry was part of, the pure beauty of nature, that he was transfixed. Except for his nethers. Those were quite active.

“Kai,” Henry gasped, a flush starting in his cheeks that quickly ran to all areas of his body. “I was unaware you were there.”

He wanted to say something witty, but all words had fled his brain as the blood traveled south, extending his member. And through it all, Henry continued to display himself.

“Henry,” Kai croaked. It was a very unseemly sound, but no man, no beast had witnessed the perfection of Henry Cabot. Anyone who did not desire him, must surely be addled.

Henry left the water, then bent and picked up his tunic which he used to dry himself. Kai had never before been jealous over a piece of fabric, but now he’d gladly rip it to shreds. Henry’s movements were slow, languorous, teasing. Henry was the spider, and Kai the fly that found itself trapped in his web.

“You can come closer,” Henry urged, crooking his finger in invite.

Kai did as he was bade, pulled along as if he was a child’s toy on a string. When he stopped in front of Henry, he found himself drawn into slender arms. He ran his hands over the skin he’d moments ago fantasized about. When he reached further, he felt the curve of Henry’s cheeks, soft and fuzzy. Against him, Henry purred.

“Never did I suspect that I would meet the man who could change my life so,” he said against Kai’s chest.  “I shall miss you when you leave.”

“What makes you think I would leave?” Kai choked out through the knot in his throat.

“You are a wanderer. You seek something that leaves you unable to rest until you find it.”

It near knocked Kai over that Henry knew him so well. He was a traveler. He had been to all corners of this world, seen wonders that would strike most mute, but none of them compared to the man who now inhabited Kai’s arms.

“Henry, I—“

“No, please don’t.” He leaned back and peered into Kai’s eyes. “Don’t make a promise we both know you’ll be unable to keep. It would not be long before the road called to you again, and you would be resentful if you stayed.”

How could Kai explain that Henry was wrong? He sought something for years, but now? He truly believed he found it in Henry. He could not see resenting him for any choice Kai would make.

“I ask only that you give me fair warning before you leave. I need time to prepare myself for your departure.”

“I could stay,” Kai said, and he meant it.

Henry gave a soft smile. “You could not. You don’t like the people, and I am bound to Neron. We could not be together, no matter what. It would be better if we departed as friends, carrying the fond memories of what we’ve shared.” He nuzzled Kai’s chest. “Though I would not be upset with you if you were to hold me for a time before I must go back to town.”

Kai pulled Henry as close as he possibly could, wrapping his arms around Henry’s shivering frame.

“Are you cold?”

He shook his head. “Just thinking. I’m memorizing this moment, so that I can think on it after you’ve left. I want to remember every detail until I am old and feeble.”

Instead of arguing, Kai did as Henry bade, and held him close. He wasn’t sure how much time passed, but the sun had begun to dip, and the winds were getting cold.

“I must go. Neron will probably punish me again.”

“I would kill him, Henry. If he harms a hair on your head, I would do that.”

“You wouldn’t. You’re not that kind of person. You’re good and decent.”

Fine, maybe Kai wouldn’t kill him, but he would damn sure hurt him a great deal.

Henry drew his thin tunic around him, then leaned in and kissed Kai. “I hope I can see you tomorrow.”

“I’ll be here, you have my vow.”

“And I shall try.” One more kiss. “Farewell.”

He turned to leave, when Kai grabbed his arm. “Wait.” He held out the tunic his mother had given him. She’d taken the blackest cloth she could find, and on it she’d placed nine stars in a circle. Then she’d trimmed the edges with a golden thread. It had been incredibly expensive, but when he explained to his mother than why he’d given it to Henry, she would understand. It was far warmer than the thin fabric Henry wore, and would hopefully bring him comfort, especially on cold days. “Please, take this.”

“No, that belongs to you.”

“And I would love to gift it to you. Please, Henry. Allow me this.”

He held it out, then draped it over Henry’s shoulders.

“But what about you?” Henry asked, obviously concerned.

Kai smiled. “I don’t feel the weather like one as skinny as you,” he teased.

“I am not skinny!” Henry blustered, his indignation being delightfully adorable.

But he was mistaken. Henry was far too slim for him to be healthy. “Take my cloak, dearest Henry. Let it warm you as if I held you.”

Henry sighed. “Very well. I thank you, but I will return it when I’m able.”

“Worry not. It is a gift to you from me.”

One more kiss, and Henry turned, grabbed the basket of moss, and hurried toward town, taking Kai’s heart with him.

by Parker Williams

Parker writes m/m fiction where happily ever afters will require work to reach. He loves broken characters, hurt and healing, pain and comfort.

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