The Return: Chapter Twenty One – The Final Chapter

The Return: Chapter Twenty One – The Final Chapter

Chapter Twenty-one

When they brought me back to the pack house, the first thing I did was pull Corey to me and bury my face in his neck. His scent washed over me, ripping out the last vestiges of anger, and replacing it with the calm only my mate could give me. I was called before the Council, who wanted to know every detail about what happened, and I told them the truth. That she’d been so hurt and devastated over Adam’s loss, she went off the deep end. They’d agreed with my choice to help her, rather than kill her, and said it was that critical thinking that made me a better Alpha. I told them flat out it was Corey that did that.

Corey contacted Kinsey and told him that the threat was over, and that he and Matt could come home anytime. He said they still needed time away, and would be back when they finished healing. Before Kinsey disconnected, Corey heard Matt’s moan of pleasure. I could feel Corey’s mirth through our bond, and I shared it.

Over the next few weeks, plans were finalized for Corey’s shop. It would be expanded to include the space next door that had originally been the apartment complex. The building might have been safe enough to rebuild, but I wanted those memories of fear from that night to be eradicated. When I told Dad, he was overjoyed that I had given that consideration.

He and I became tighter after the whole incident. Now that he was the former Alpha, he lost the edge he’d always had, and moved from being the one in charge to simply being my dad. He and my mom, plus Corey, had gone out to dinner with me after the ceremony. Mom hugged Corey like her long lost son, and he soaked it up. My mate was touch starved, and I would spend every day helping him realize he wasn’t alone anymore.

Adam’s mother was sent to a facility by the Council. There she was receiving the help she so desperately needed. Dealing with her gave me a better understanding of myself and the pack. I made sweeping changes to our healthcare network, ensuring that all our wolves would have access to both physical and mental help. No longer would anyone flounder helplessly.

“You’re thinking too hard,” Corey murmured, wrapping an arm around my waist and snuggling in closer. “Mmm, warm.”

I rolled and took him in my arms, loving how he felt there. I slid my hand down to his ass, and smiled at the plug we’d put in after our third or fourth round of sex. I gave it a jiggle, and he whimpered.

“Are you sore?” I asked, continuing my rubbing of his pale cheeks.

“Fuck, yes,” he said. “Knowing how big you are, I’m going to have to order larger toys.” Then he reached behind him and slid the plug out and dropped it on the floor. “That doesn’t mean I don’t want more.”

I chuckled as he rolled onto his back and lifted his legs. I got above him and slid back into his hole. God, every time was like the first as his muscles clamped around me. I could feel his elation as I slammed inside, and it spurred me on.

“Tell me this will be our lives from now on,” Corey pleaded, grunting when I thrust in once more.

“What? Psychotic mothers? Injured bodyguards? Grumpy fire chiefs?” I teased, even as I continued to pump.

“No,” he answered, and then I felt it. Warmth surrounding my heart, my mind. I knew it for what it was. Love. My mate loved me with everything in him. I leaned down and claimed his mouth, tongues dueling, both of us moaning. He tore away from me and tilted his head, letting me know what he wanted. My fangs dropped, and as I thrust I bit him again. His blood, always sweet, had mellowed, the flavor rich, deep, layered. Mine and his. His and mine. All as one.

When he came, he cried out. He’d shot so many loads it was scarcely a trickle this time, but the orgasm was every bit as intense and the emotions flowing from him pushed me over the edge as well, and I shot deep inside him, grinding my groin against his ass, making sure every last drop would be taken by his body.

When I pulled out he was huffing and puffing, his cheeks mottled red. He never looked more beautiful. I stared at him, my amazing mate. The return to Harken’s Corners gave me everything in life I ever wanted. A home, a pack, a family, and Corey.

Always and forever my Corey.

by Parker Williams

Parker writes m/m fiction where happily ever afters will require work to reach. He loves broken characters, hurt and healing, pain and comfort.

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