Wolf Of The Northern Star By SJ Himes


Title: Wolf of the Northern Star

Author: SJ Himes

Series: The Wolfkin Saga, #2

Release Date: June 15th 2017

Genre: Gay Paranormal Shifter Romance



Ghost, once known as the cub Luca, is finally home. Back among his kind and learning what it means to be both a man and a shaman, Ghost battles the expectations of his people, his family, and the pressures of a society that is both foreign and familiar. His power is greater than any seen before, dwarfing that of even the legendary Shaman Gray Shadow—and his union with Kane places him in the center of a controversy that rattles wolfkin society around the world.

Kane, greater alpha and Heir to Black Pine Clan, has finally defeated the traitor and murderer that destroyed the heart of Black Pine years before. Freed at last from guilt and pain, Kane has a new enemy to face: his own people. Placed on trial for violation of Law and blasphemy, Kane will have to fight to the death to preserve his bond with Ghost and keep his mate and people safe.


The soulbond between Ghost and Kane is forged by the creator and Goddess of the wolfkin. Usually, a sacred and treasured union that honors the pair and their clans, this soulbond is seen not as a gift, but a threat to eons of tradition and Clan Law.

The union of a Shaman and Alpha is anathema—but how to reconcile that belief when it is the wolfkin Goddess who forged it? Can Ghost and Kane save themselves, preserve their bond, and find a new future when the laws of the ancient past threaten to tear them apart?


*This book is part of a series and should not be read as a standalone. Prior books should be read to understand content. 104,000 words*

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Ghost breathed in, his mate’s scent filling his nose, settling his desire to shift. He was unaccustomed to his human form; living life as a wolf made him suited to handling tense and potentially dangerous situations differently, with fang and claw. Though chasing off a hungry brown bear that wanted to eat wolf puppies was a far different situation than the legion of greater alphas that were exiting the black vehicles.

They were built much like Kane and Caius—big, broad shoulders and chests, heavily muscled, they moved with a grace that was purely predatory. Many of them were dark, from hair to eyes and golden skin, but a few were lighter, hair blond and one a deep auburn. The golden complexion seemed to be very common, with the Red Fern wolves and himself as exceptions. Even Kane, Burke, and Gabe shared the same golden hues to their skin as these foreign wolves.

Ghost breathed in again, catching the scent on the wind of the new wolves. He summoned his Spiritsight, and blinked in surprise. These alphas all glowed to his inner vision, their soul-stars vibrant and pulsing with power. Many of them were the same shades, reddish hues that ran thick with orange and yellow, some even red and deep blues, some shades of purple. Red was a common color then for alphas; Ghost looked at Caius, and even his grandfather’s soul-star burned a deep crimson laced with a smoke gray.

Three of the greater alphas burned with an intensity that matched Caius and Kane; only Andromeda burned brighter to Ghost’s Spiritsight. He smiled at that discovery, and looked back to the three greater alphas that burned the brightest. These three came from separate vehicles, one of them from the rear of the long limo.

That alpha, presumably a clan leader, glowed with a silky rose red and silver—his star was similar in hue to the shade made by the bond shared between Ghost and Kane. He was lanky, and blond, hair the color of wheat and straight. Ghost met that alpha’s eyes across the span, and the greater alpha’s forest-green eyes latched onto his, and Ghost felt a slight mental nudge. He pushed back, not appreciating the attempted intrusion into his mind, and the greater alpha’s eyes widened briefly before he grinned, a feral flash of white teeth that Ghost took as a promise and challenge in one. Ghost curled his lip in response, and the clan leader chuckled before walking up the path towards Caius and Andromeda.

The clan leader at the head of the convoy was shorter than most of the greater alphas Ghost had seen in the last several days, but he was thick with muscle, his suit jacket fitting tightly to his broad chest. He was built more like a bear than a wolf; while the others moved with a loping stride, this alpha lumbered ahead, and Ghost found himself wondering if perhaps a bear cub had been raised by wolves in some distant past, since this wolfkin male was the least wolf-like he’d seen so far. That was until Ghost got a brief glimpse of his inner star, and it burned with an orange and red flame, like fire devouring seasoned wood. An overlay of a great hulking wolf flashed in Ghost’s inner vision, a beast garbed in dark brown fur and gray eyes that stalked prey from the shadows. The vision of the wolf left, and the human form of the clan leader returned. Bear-like as a man, this one was all wolf inside where it counted, his size would rival even Kane’s black beast.

The third clan leader was the auburn-haired male. His hair glinted with fiery highlights in the cabin’s exterior lights, his eyes flashing green and gold as he turned his head. This alpha looked straight at Ghost, unerring and deliberate—he stared back, and this alpha carried a sense of menace about him, a dangerous hint of violence that made Ghost stiffen. Kane growled beside him, but the clan leader spared Kane not a single glance—his regard was for Ghost alone, and even though Ghost felt no mental appraisal, his gaze had a heavy sense of being weighed and measured. This male’s inner star was odd—it was red, bright as berries on the vine that grew even in winter and was poisonous to every living creature in the deep wood. Tendrils of leaf green twirled through the red, and Ghost pondered the disturbing combination. Something inside told him such a blend was unusual, though he had little experience to tell him why. The clan leader looked away, and joined his peers as they greeted Caius and Andromeda.

The crowd parted as the clan leaders finished their greetings, the four greater alphas and the lone female clan leader all leading the way into the cabin. Caius sent Kane a quick glance, and while his grandfather did not use the mental communication of their kind, Ghost and Kane felt their alpha’s desire for them to not follow. Caius looked away, and led the others inside. The door shut, and Ghost could see the assembled leaders through the tall windows entering the living room, the hearth lit with a cheerful fire.



The Wolfkin Saga #1

Title: Wolves of Black Pine

Release Date: June 30th 2015

Genre: Paranormal, Shifters, MM Romance



An ancient civilization long hidden from humanity is on the brink of chaos and war.


Peaceful for thousands of years, the wolfkin clans are mysteriously losing packmates, kidnapped and killed by unknown foes. Among the dead is Luca, youngest grandson of the two most powerful wolves in the Northern Clans, but he is forced into a half-life, hidden in the far northern wilds of Canada and cut off from his kind. Those who raised him have no idea the creature they harbor in their midst, and name him Ghost. He begins to lose himself over the long years, and though he barely recalls his true name, the one wolf he never forgets is Kane.


Heir to the wolfkin clan Black Pine, Kane is charged with hunting down the traitors who them to the humans. Years fly by, and more wolves are dying. He refuses to give up, and he vows to never again fail another of their kind, as he failed young Luca years before. His heart tells him Luca lives, but his mind tells him that it’s foolish hope, his guilt eating him alive.


Fate and magic change the course of their lives, and the two wolves long separated by the years find their paths intertwining, though the reunion does not come without cost…


150,000+ words, contains graphic sex between men, dubious consent, mentions of abuse. Contains gore and violence. Mature readers only.


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About the Author

I’m a self-employed writer who stresses out about the silliest things, like whether or not I got my dog the best kind of snack and the fact my kindle battery tends to die when I’m at the best part in a book. I write mainly gay romance, erotica, and urban fantasy, with ocasional forays into contemporary and paranormal. I love a book heavy on plot and character evolution, and throw in some magic, and that’s perfection. My current series are: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer, Bred For Love (as Revella Hawthorne), and The Wolfkin Saga. My last two novels in the Beacon Hill Sorcerer won 3rd Place in the Gay Fantasy category for the 2016 Rainbow Awards.

I live in New Orleans, where the personalities are big and loud and so are the bugs! New Orleans is rich in cultural history, and the flavor and music of the City is impossible to hide. Before that, I lived all over the United States: Tampa, Western Massachusetts, Indianapolis, and on and on…. I’m a nomad, and I’ve yet to find a place that calls to me strongly enough to become home. My faithful travel companions are my dog Micah, the numerous voices in my head who insist they all get put on paper, and the wind at my back.


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