Shadows in the Light: Oscar’s Story – Chapter Four (This one is picture heavy.)

Making the decision was the easy part. How to go about achieving my goal was something totally different. Max was fragile, and what I had to tell him wasn’t going to be easy on him. There wasn’t a choice, though. I needed him ready to move.

I stood up, walked over to the tiny desk, turned the chair around, and plunked down.

“Okay, so we seem to have a situation here. I’ve got something I need to tell you, and I know you’re not going to want to hear it, but I don’t have the time to break it to you gently.”

Shadows in the Light: Oscars Story – Chapter Three

Knight’s information said that Maximillian would be at his family’s River Hills home between seven and eight in the evening. A niggle in the back of my brain made me wonder where he got such specific information, but I pushed it aside. Knight was in charge for a reason, and I trusted him with my life. And had many times.

My plan was simple. Kill Maximillian before he could do his family harm, call Knight to dispose of the body, then head off to meet Gina for beer and a pie. I hoped to hell she didn’t like anchovies on her pizza, because that could be a deal breaker.

Shadows in the Light: Oscar’s Story

Hey, all. So this happened. I started writing something for Oscar and he insisted that I had to tell the whole story. The problem with that is it took us back a decade or more, and when I finished, I was already at 40k. I wasn’t going to release it as a novella, so thought I’d do it on my blog. Every Monday, I’m going to post a chapter of the story. There are twelve and the ending will take us to a point where we can begin a story for Oscar and Max, with a little Haven and Sammy thrown in for good measure. Please note, this has not been professionally edited. If you see something seriously wrong, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Without further ado, here’s chapter one:

Runner is coming Friday!

Runner is coming Friday!

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